Web Design Resources

Web Design Resources At Inova, we are all about helping our clients, our website visitors, and everybody trying to get stuff done. We have collected some of the best web design,…

Web Design Resources

At Inova, we are all about helping our clients, our website visitors, and everybody trying to get stuff done. We have collected some of the best web design, web development, graphic design, and SEO resources to help you get started fast and easy with all your projects.

Graphics, photos, images, and video resources

A collection of the best graphic resources like SVG vectors, illustrations, icons, textures, patterns, photographs, images, videos, backgrounds, gradients, fonts, and videos.

Freepik – One of the most complete graphic sources out there, Freepik offers both free and premium subscriptions to get access to millions of vectors, photos, illustrations, presentation templates, brochure templates, business cards templates, flyer templates, PSD banners, icons, and many more graphic resources that can be easily edited.

Gratisography – Free creative images and photography with a different approach. Gratisography focuses more on quality photography than quantity. 

Pexels – Stock images and videos for your next web design project. Pexels image library offers creative photography for free.

Pikwizard – Free high-quality stock images, photos, and videos. Pikwizard offers a great UI/UX in the homepage which makes it easy to filter photos by categories in the main menu.

Photos Icons8 – Great quality photography and images. Clean minimalist website design offers nice filters in the sidebar. The main menu displays the four main categories which are as of August 2019: Stock photos, collages, backgrounds, and memes, yes memes.

    123rf – Stock images, vectors, and video clips resources at affordable prices. 123rf offers a great variety of graphic sources in a subscription plan and on-demand (credits). We have used 123rf for some projects and find it very affordable compared to other premium graphic design resources.

    Envato Elements – Photos – Another great resource that you can get for under $200/ year. You can get stock images, vectors, fonts, backgrounds, fonts, gradients, and more or one easy yearly payment. In our opinion, a very affordable premium graphics source for web designers, graphic designers, marketers, and web developers.

    Iso Republic – Iso Republic offers great collections of stock images and videos that you can use both personally and commercially. Easy to use web design interface facilitates the browsing of images with very nice categories throughout the website.

    Web Fonts

    Dafont – A widely used font source for web designers and web developers, Dafont has one of the largest free font libraries on the web. Easy to download and install fonts.

    Google Fonts – Free collection of fonts with a huge library. This service is hosted by Google, and all of the fonts and bandwidth is free to use. You can directly download the fonts to your computer and host them on your server, or you can directly use their CDN (content delivery network) free of charge. 

    Creative Market Widely used by graphic designers initially, Creative Market has become one of the most complete web design resources used by designers and developers. They offer graphic vectors, illustrations, fonts, web design templates, textures, patterns.

    Pixel Surplus – Premium fonts, graphics, textures, vectors, illustrations with some freebies. A great source for graphic designers to give your projects that unique, custom visual appeal.

    Envato Elements – Fonts – Envato Elements – One of the most popular sources for web designers, graphic designers, and web developers also provides some good sources of fonts. Their Fonts webpage provides an excellent user interface with a sidebar for the filters.

    Graphics, Backgrounds, Illustrations, Icons, Gradients, and Vectors

    Freepik – Vectors, backgrounds, icons.

    Vecteezy – Big library of vectors, icons, illustrations. A wide variety of free resources for your next web design project.

    Freebiesbug – Mockups, icons, vectors.

    Icons8 – Icons, illustartions, photos.

    VectorStock – Vectors, backgrounds, illustrations.

    123rf – Vectors, illustrations, and photos.

    Creative Market – Illustrations, backgrounds.

    You Work For Them – Fonts, vectors, graphics.

    Canva – Infographics, flyers, business cards.

    Get Craft Work User interface for designers.

    Pixeden Web templates, icons, vectors, graphcis.

    Envato Elements A popular website for graphics, vectors, icons, and illustrations.

    Pixel Surplus – Fonts, graphics, textures.

    Creative Fabrica – Graphics, fonts.

    Vector Arte – Creative modern illustration vectors.

    Design Cuts – Fonts, graphics, backgrounds.

    The Stocks – Icons, fonts, video, mockups.

    Mazwai – Stock video.

    Flat UI Colors – Flat design color palette picker.

    Flat Icon – Web icons.

    Web Development Resources | Resources for Web Developers

    Ui GradientsCSS gradient generator – UI gradients offer one the fastest and easiest way to create CSS gradients. You can create your custom gradients, or use one of the pre-designed ones. You can also contribute and submit your gradients. We have used this great tool to quickly implement gradient backgrounds using CSS and avoid the usage of big image file sizes.

    Codepen – Codepen is a great website for testing and showcasing user-created code snippets. Codepen is an open-source learning environment and an online code editor. Codepen offers a free and pro version.

    W3 SchoolsW3Schools is an educational website for learning web technologies online. W3Schools is an excellent resource for web developers that features web tutorials with examples that you can try, edit, and change with the purpose of learning. From HTML, CSS, and Javascript to Phyton, Angular, Node.js, and Java, W3Schools have been helping millions of people to learn to code around the world. 

    Bootstrap – Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks to develop responsive websites. It provides all you need to start developing responsive websites that will look amazing regardless of the screen size and device type. It is one of the main responsive frameworks we use for developing websites.

    Foundation Zurb – Foundation is another less popular responsive front-end framework. It is also open source and pretty similar to Bootstrap.

    Skeleton – Skeleton is a less popular framework for developing front-end responsive web technologies. Stated in their homepage, Skeleton is “A dead simple, responsive boilerplate.” With less than 400 lines of code, it is one of the lightest responsive frameworks.

    Pingdom – Pingdom is an online tool to help you monitor and measure the performance of your website. It offers a free online page speed test to help you make informed decisions about the performance of your webpages.

    Github – Github is one of the largest source code repositories in the world. Web developers use Github to share, collaborate, and manage web projects with people around the world.

    FontAwesome – Popular icon framework based on CSS. It’s widely used among web designers and developers.

    Palette.Site – A browser extension to extract color palettes from webpages. A great tool for designers and frontend developers. Free colour scheme extraction.

    Marketing, Content, Performance, and SEO Resources

    Easel.ly – Infographic maker.

    Fiverr – Web app for hiring freelance services like content writers, and graphic designers.

    Giphy – Popular website for creating gif images.

    Pingdom – Performance website for testing site speed.

    XML Sitemaps – Sitemap generator and SEO analizer website.

    SSLS – NameCheap – Affordable SSL certificates.

    Ubbersuggest – SEO tool to analyze backlinks, domain authority, keyword suggestions, and top-ranked pages on websites.

    Printing Resources, Signs, Labels, Stickers, Business Cards, Flyers

    Uprinting – Business cards, flyers, banners, signs.

    Primoprint – Business cards, flyers, banners, folders, stickers, labels.

    Best Of Signs – Banners, signs, stickers.

    RedBubble – Shirts, mugs, hoodies, stickers.

    Rockin Monkey – Stickers, labels.

    RedBubble – Shirts, mugs, hoodies, stickers.

    Sticker Mule – Stickers, labels.

    Moo – Flyers, business cards, letterheads.

    Graphic Design, Web Design, & Web Development Software

    Graphic/Web Design

    GIMP – GIMP is a free and open-source graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, converting between different image formats and more specialized tasks. Available for Mac and Windows users.

    Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used graphics and image editor. Available for Mac and Windows users.

    Sketch – It’s a professional design tool that utilizes a fully vector-based workflow. For Mac users only.

    Affinity Designer – Affinity Designer is a vector graphics editor developed by Serif for macOS, iOS, and Microsoft Windows.

    Web Development Resources

    Brackets – Brackets is a free code editor mainly used by web designers and web developers. Brackets focus primarily on front-end development. It is an excellent asset for editing code on your computer. Especially suited to macOS, you will enjoy writing code in Brackets.

    Sublime Text – Widely used text editor for coding.

    Atom – Atom is a popular free and open-source text/code editor. Originally developed by GitHub, it offers great features like sharing code to Github very easy. It is customizable with a clean and friendly user interface.

    MAMP – Local server environment that can be installed under macOS and Windows for local web development.

    Postgres – PostgreSQL is an open-source object-relational database with robust features and performance. You can install PostgresSQL on Mac and Windows and use it for developing great applications. It has a great community of developers around the world.

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