Web Design Process

At Inova Web Design, we want you to be successful online. That’s why we developed a process that takes your idea and turns it into a stunning, functional website.

At Inova Web Design, we want you to be successful online. That’s why we developed a process that takes your idea and turns it into a stunning, functional website. Along the way, we work with you in collaboration to reach your goals and create a website that you will be proud to own.

Our expert web development team will guide you through the entire process using your ideas and adding some of ours. By combining our efforts, you will see a professional website that has all the elements you require, built to your specifications.

Step 1 – Quote Request

Before we can start building your website, we have to discuss what it is you are seeking. Typically,  our online quote form gets the ball rolling on this part of the process.

We request that you spell out in as much detail as possible about what your business is and your goals for the website. If there are websites you like or dislike that may help us to understand the direction you want to go, that information is also good to include.

Step 2 – Project Evaluation

This is where we get a little better acquainted with each other. It can come from face-to-face meetings or phone calls, whatever works best for you and where you are. Part of this step is to flesh out some of the details so we completely understand what you expect from us. It also gives us a chance to see if there is a possibility that we can work together to get your website up and running. By the time we finish with our meeting, we’ll be able to start to put together recommendations based on your information and set a budget on what it is going to take to build your online website.

Step 3 – Formal Proposal & Agreement

This is basically the legal stuff. You know, walking you through a proposal like a presentation where we will outline all the shiny parts that will appear within your website. We’ll give you a rather amazing show where you can ask a ton of questions, and we’ll tweak our numbers and by the end of the session have a sense of whether or not this is going to proceed. Actually, we’ll show you an outline and review what the details are that’ll become part of your website. The quote you’ll receive will be based on hours as that is something that gives us a timeline and deadline to work within.

Step 4 – Planning, Research & Discovery

This is where the real brain drain occurs. It requires a keen eye to such data as your target audience, existing and potential competition and goals for the website. It is during this part of the process where we will create and follow sitemaps, flow charts, keyword research and start to manage the content. This is also where we determine what type of creative design is required to meet all the challenges discussed, analyzed and considered. Then we can start to build something that works for your customers instead of something that works just for you or just for us.

Step 5 – Information Architecture & Wireframing

At this step in the game, we will now have all the pieces of the puzzle handy. Now we need to build that puzzle. In a way, the wireframes that outline the basic layout and components required for each page of your website is a blueprint. It gives us a guideline and provides us with the means to visualize what we are trying to create for you.

Step 6 – Design & Development

Here’s where our creative director and lead designer get into the project. They create the graphics that will play a huge role in the look of your website. They have to match the visuals to your specific niche and all the other elements discussed at the earlier stage of the process. Then it gets somewhat technical with coding that is both, user and search engine-friendly. Following your design approval, we’ll implement a CMS like WordPress, eCommerce, custom programming,  database, email, plugin, CDN and server confugaration.

Step 7 – Final Review, Testing & Training

Once the hard part is done, we test everything to make sure it works and delivers a great user experience. Then we’ll train you so you will be able to operate administrative tools contained on your website. Don’t worry, it’s easy, and this is also where we will add the finishing touches to your project.

Step 8 – Launch

We essentially flick the switch, and you are on the internet. This is our target, to get your website live. Once launched, we’ll be assisting you with customer support to handle any requests, updates or changes for the life of your website.